About Me

I have a university background; I am married with two great sons. After the fall of communism I left my career in the healthcare field and following the demands of the change I graduated in English teaching, then I got my qualification as an official guide in Hungary. Beside my studies I think the most important trait that I have is a wide experience in many different fields, not just the tourist industry.
My son, little Bob who is interested in history, said to me once:
'Mum, you are so lucky because you lived during the communism too!'
Well, that's true; my generation witnessed our parents naivety, compromises during the 'Gulyas communism' and their disillusionment after the change. It is also my generation who was not educated to live in such a competitive world and who went through the difficult transition to capitalism. Maybe due to the hardships my country went through I learned to appreciate everything Hungary can be proud of, I learned we have to protect our treasures very much.
I love nature, art, music, history, poetry, spas and of course wine...